Providence Conquest Aftermath

Providence Conquest Aftermath

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This week on Talking in Stations we will be talking with ProGodLegend with Test Alliance Please Ignore as the clear winner of the conquest for stations. We will be looking back at the takeover of Pandemic Legion sovereignty in Providence with TEST FC Farmstink and the tale of Lumio Tilavine – the ‘hero’ of Providence. The legendary corp Ushra’Khan receives a permanent monument in space in their ancestral home of 9UY and Harvey Skywalker comes on to discuss his article ‘The Sack of Providence’ and what’s next for Pandemic Legion.

On the show:

  • Artimus Albosa
  • Noizy Gamer


  • Lumio en Tilavine [Former ProviBloc]
  • ProgodLegend [TEST]
  • Harvey Skywarker [PL]
  • Creecher [TEST]
  • Farmstink [TEST] FC
  • Xaar [Ushra’Khan]

Show Notes:

Provi Round-up  

  • PL initiates invasion ~ Harvey
  • Tell the story and pimp the article
  • Lumio breaks from ProviBloc ~ Lumio
  • Legacy invades ~ Farmstink / Progod
  • Ushra’Khan gets 9UY Station ~ Xaar
  • How? Why? If gifted, by whom?
  • A brief history about Ushra Khan vs Provi and why 9UY is important

What’s next for…

  • Ushra’Khan
  • PL
  • Harvey’s “Peaky Blinders” P3AK Corp
    • Next Campaign / New campaign commander?

Lumio en Tilavine

  • Relationship with ProviBloc proper

TEST / Legacy

  • What to do with all the ISK?
  • Transition to next topic through this discussion of what’s next for TEST

Creecher loses TEST ballot as he gets pulled from the CSM running  

  • What happened in Creechers own words (5m) ~ Creecher
  • As being a CSM representative is not possible are you still planning on representing TEST in some way in game?
  • Does this feel like a personal vendetta, or metagaming angle from PL?
  • Implications of CCP actions (15m)
  • Any recent changes to white paper?
  • CCP and its inclusion in the Fair Play Alliance Initiative Org
  • CCPs CSM13 Candidate rules vs previous CSM entrance rules
  • TOS and EULA changes
  • Retroactive disciplinary actions vs sold characters.


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Soundtrack: Instrumental – “But Not Tonight” (Depeche Mode)

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