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TiS 12/2/18 –  The Forge and Geminate Border Fights

Today, a huge group talk about fights in Oijanen (The Forge) and BWF-ZZ (Geminate). FC’s from both sides of the fight review the skirmishing.  We also look into the Monthly Economic Report. The FC heavy show is full of information from how to kill a citadel to “not wing challenge.”


TiS 06/10/18 – Providence Conquest Aftermath

This week on Talking in Stations we will be talking with ProGodLegend with Test Alliance Please Ignore as the clear winner of the conquest for stations. We will be looking back at the takeover of Pandemic Legion sovereignty in Providence with TEST FC Farmstink and the tale of Lumio Tilavine – the ‘hero’ of Providence. The legendary corp Ushra’Khan receives a permanent monument in space in their ancestral home of 9UY and Harvey Skywalker comes on to discuss his article ‘The Sack of Providence’ and what’s next for Pandemic Legion.


TIS-CSM13-Creecher Virpio

Character Created: 2013/08/30 Corp/Alliance: Alcoholocaust./Test Alliance Please Ignore Country: United States Twitter: @CreecherVirpio Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link Candidate Self Description No entry supplied. Campaign Post Hello, I am Creecher Virpio, welcome to my CSM Campaign. The Who: I’ve spent nearly my whole EVE career obsessed with all aspects of Capital ships. I’ve done logistics, PVE, PVP and construction, as well as living full time in wormhole space for around a year and a half. For the past the last 2 Years, I’ve been the Capitals Director and a supercapital FC of the third largest alliance in the game. This puts me in a unique position that...

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