Current influence maps for null-sec sovereignty and faction warfare for EVE online. Maps are gathered from Eve-Files and update with daily changes.

Alliance Verite Map
Coalition Verite Map

The oldest map I know of (2003.10.02)

There is a thread in Evelopedia listing maps, including historic ones. Of course, most old forum links need manual fixing due to the old exit page not existing any more.

Starting a bit later myself, these are what I learned to call alliance maps.

Edit: For completeness:

Kalshrith’s maps: EVE-Files

Mephisto’s maps: Can’t find.

Quarath’s maps: This thread / Fixed link to first map on external site

Righteous Fury’s maps: Slacker Industries site

Kalralahr’s maps: Personal site

Joshua Foiritain’s maps: EVE-Files

Paladin Vent’s maps: EVE-Files

Mirida’s maps seem to have gone the way of the dodo. (Were hosted on eve-dev, which is gone.)

Verite Rendition’s archive: EVE-Files

And then some analysis: First map to mention current sov holders is this one from 29.11.2004 (CVA). It also mentions Stain Empire, which I think still exists though currently holds no sov. Not sure about personnel changes in SE.

First mention of BoB is on 30.08.2004 as “Rokokom0olution” (Reikoku, m0o, Evolution) with a mention of BoB proper a month later. And yes, the first BoB territory listed on the maps as uncontested is Branch and Tenal on 15th December of the same year. Technically, first mention of RA, if we accept continuity under different names is CA – I think the RA was formed originally by CA’s Russian players. (So, RA and its “children”, Legion of Death and SOLAR FLEET, are still in the territory claimed by CA as a protectorate in the first Kalshrith’s map.)