Dark Light

Liberation and War report

Noraus talks about game updates, patches, and some of the political news from his perspective as the leader of Fraternity alliance.

CCP on Foundations Quadrant

We talk with CCPs Swift (community team, Emerald (brand manager) & Paradox (team talos & team Axiom). TIS reviews nullification changes and more.

War propaganda, Brisc vs Ron

Brisc from Imperium (and Meta Show) and RonUSMC (the most watched EVE Streamer) from PAPI talk about their broadcasting styles and strategies during this war.

Calm Down Griefer!

We take a whack at the ganks and griefing in high-sec. Is it good or bad for the health of the game. Meanwhile the Amarr, Minmatar, Gallente and Caldari empires are at war. Arsia tells us what is going on.

Hunting and Evading in Space

It's a lot of fun stalking and hunting another player in EVE, but someone is stalking you at the same time. Here are several survival strategies to keep you from being someone else's prey. Katia, a well-known EVE explorer, talks about evasion while exploring. The Brisc Rubal and Ron USMC discuss current affairs in and around the conflict with them.

EVE University Today

What is EVE University like today, as it turns 17 years old? We ask communication manager Hippla Tsero. Ron USMC stops by to talk about war. Gideon Zendikar was kicked from Rekking Crew for spying but he claims it was a mistake - he's innocent.

Kicking Down Castles

Delve has fallen this week according to Caleb, and the demolitions have begun. Keepstars are slated for destruction, but Imperium can still turn it all around. The war is far from over.

M2 Camp Ends

Vily talks about the M2 camp experience and how close it came to derailing the invasion of Delve. Now that the camp is over, what will PAPI do in Delve and what is the win condition of the war for them.