Dark Light

Children of Light

The Children of Light effect revealed, Updates on the war and the new quadrant. What will fleet formations do?

Helm’s Deep Breached

Skybreakers ships are seen inmasse, using their terrifying electrical weapons on the Imperium Interceptor fleets used in sovereignty war. The gleet is potentially a game changer.

M2-XFE Server Aftermath

What's the Delve War look like now that the anti-climactic final battle of M2-XFE was interrupted by server voodoo? Mikal Vektor from D-n-G on FW and low sec, Winter Nexus and Wormholes.

Foxholers Resist Eviction

This week the Foxholers prevented Hole Control from evicting them, and created a new fleet concept in doing so. In war news, an Imperium Keepstar was stolen by NCdot

Keepstar Stolen in Delve

NCdot FC Pittsburg2989 captured a unanchored Goonswarm structure in K-6K, that belonged to Goonswarm. He wrote: “Props to…

War Bonds

DaBigRedBoat visits TIS to talk about Imperium counterpunching in Quarious and Delve, and explains what the Imperium war bonds. Niden, former editor of Crossing Zebras, hot drops in to catch up on two and a half years of absence.