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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Kicking Down Castles

Delve has fallen this week according to Caleb, and the demolitions have begun. Keepstars are slated for destruction, but Imperium can still turn it all around. The war is far from over.


  • Elise – Pandemic Legion
  • Arsia – Electus Matari
  • Suitonia – Volta
  • Caleb – Unaffiliated
  • Abbie Rova – Unaffiliated
  • Matterall – Unaffiliated
  • Maccloud – Stream Engineer

Keepstars / Castles Getting Knocked Down

Since Oct – 9 Keeps down, 6 down in Fountain

  • 4 Keeps down this week
  • 4 new Keeps jammed now (F2OY-X)
  • 10 more Keeps jammed by end of week
  • 23 Jammed by mid April (1 month)
    • 8 systems not jammed (including 1DQ, PS-9)

Reversals – PS-9 take back, and cleared azbel (last structure in 1DQ area)

Changing Timers to EU (away from US)

Cultural Revolution – Penifsmash advice

Topic – Fleet Formations

  • NC did Arrow

Grand Prix

Anger Games


Show Links,5/1DQ1-A,5/KFIE-Z×300.png,Syndicate

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