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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
M2 Camp Ends

Vily talks about the M2 camp experience from the PAPI side. How close did the battle come to derailing the invasion of Delve. Now that the camp is over, what will happen in Delve and what are the win conditions of the war for them.



Summary of week

What we covered during the week

3.1 | Reactions to CCP Ratatti Interview (Oz/Olmeca)

3.2 | Pochven Life (Gabriell Bemenacth)

3.3 | Industry Techniques (Shikine)

3.4 | Minmatar Space Mining (Astreaos Khan)

3.5 | I Spy Meyiah – The Double Agent (Cornack)

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Full and proper introduction of Panelists (Elise…)

  • Elise – Pandemic Legion
  • Arsia – Electus Matari
  • Suitonia – Volta
  • Caleb – Unaffiliated

Guest: Vily, FC Test Alliance

  1. CCP News
    1. Iceland – Happy Volcano
  2. Delve War Report –
    1. January – M2 Battle, trapped
    2. February – PAPI Breakout, momentum
    3. March – Camp Ends, its 1DQ

Frigate Free For all

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