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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Analyzing the July MER

On this episode, Matterall, Carneros, and Elise are joined by Ashterothi, Exonfang, and guest Noizy Gamer to go over the news of this busier-than-average week in New Eden. Later in the show, we take a deep dive into the data highlighted by the July Monthly Economic and Security Reports.


  • Noizy Gamer (author of The Nosy Gamer blog, CSM Wire, and EVE RMT analyses)

TIS Crew

  • Matterall (Destructive Influence [Northern Coalition.])
  • Carneros (Ancient Hittite Corporation [The Bastion])
  • Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthanasia [Pandemic Legion])
  • Ashterothi (Malevelon Roe Industries)
  • Exonfang (Fweddit [Free Range Chikuns])


  1. CCP: “No more public roadmaps”
  2. New community guy – CCP Convict, formerly known as Bam Stroker (one more position is also open but application window has closed on that)
  3. NER and NSR were released
  4. Some September changes were announced:
    1. Ships automatically go into warp after 3 minutes of bumping
    2. Fitting window will now have warning lights if you are about to make a mistake
    3. Friend or Foe Missiles will now have range limitations to remove a wormhole exploit
  5. Border conflict between Winter Coalition and Legacy Coalition is heating up


Raznaborg Damaviks – a foreshadowing

  1. Exonfang status update
    1. Recon Damaviks started appearing on August 14, first kill just after downtime
    2. Disappeared briefly from Aug 20 17:14 – Aug 21 18:41, came back renamed as “Raznaborg” Damaviks
    3. The Raznaborg Damaviks appear in random non-invasion systems in high sec, and warp between asteroid belts, capsuleer citadels/engineering complexes/refineries, planets, and moons, in gangs of 1-5 Frigates. They’ll go to engage any capsuleers within ~120km of them on grid.
    4. You can hunt them with DSCAN for ~50-100m/hr, assuming you’re killing and finding them quickly.
    5. They do not have any way to lock players down at the moment, so warping away is a safe way to avoid them
    6. They seem to stick to the same systems for the entire day. Changing systems at downtime.
    7. Mostly killing AFK players or bots currently.
    8. What does this mean? There will be risk if you mindlessly AFK in HS. If you’re present, you should have time to warp off if they land on grid, or warp off when you spot them on dscan depending on the ehp of your ship.
  2. Ashterothi on what this means for the future

July Monthly Economic Report (late delivery)

  1. Highlights/overview
  2. Biggest changes to incoming ISK (faucets)
  3. Biggest changes to outgoing ISK (sinks)
  4. Predictions for August MER
  5. Suggestions for economic areas for CCP to review next

July Monthly Security Report

  1. Our thoughts on the July report
  2. Blackout affecting botting in null sec but where else is botting happening?
  3. Next low-lying fruit for the CCP anti-botting team to investigate
  4. Explaining Loyalty Point Stores



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 by Easy Esky in August 27, 2019

FoF Missiles were a popular option for DeLoneWolf using the Jackdaw. For PvE, it is a handy option when under a lot of damps.

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