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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Fit to Compete

Sutonia covers meta and format for the proving grounds and alliance tournament. Also, what impact will the post-war rebuilding having on industry and markets?

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Hosts: Abbie Rova
Guests: Artimus Albosa, Nick Bison, Sutonia
Categories: Weekend Show

Intro to Show and Guests
Dressed to Kill – Eve Cosplay
Corp Propaganda Contest
1v1 T1 Destroyer Proving Grounds
Alliance Tournament Updates & Blog
Rebuilding Infrastructure in Eve and Upcoming Quadrant Discussion and What it Means
Player News – Spectre Fleet
TEST Move to Outer Passage in Progress
Pochven Marauder Murder!
NPE: Align to Gate
Skill Queue Redesign
Wrapping it Up

Watch live at
Cosplay Contest:
Propaganda Contest:
NPE and Skills Post:
EVE_NT Twitch | Summer Tournament:
July MER:
Spectre Fleet ESS Heist AAR:

TiS Weekend Report Sunday 29 August 2021

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