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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Calm Down Griefer!

We take a whack at the ganks and griefing in high-sec. Is it good or bad for the health of the game. Meanwhile the Amarr, Minmatar, Gallente and Caldari empires are at war. Arsia tells us what is going on.

EVE Newsday podcast (

Monday – Industry help from Ravworks (Ravandel), Matar Map Painting, Mineral Distribution and Requirements Graph in hours not ISK

Tuesday – Patch Day, Last Keepstar (PS-94K)

Wednesday – Smash or Pass (3 hours)

Thursday – (no show)

Friday – Why did I get ganked? (Zaenis)


EVE Discord Community

CSM16 got a color and a channel

Get our EVE Newspaper in game called “TIS News” – While in EVE, open your MAIL window, at the bottom left find the button called [Add Mailing List]. Use it and add “TIS News” Then expect player news every weekday.


Full and proper introduction of Panelists (Arsia…)

Arsia – Electus Matari

Suitonia – Volta

Caleb – Unaffiliated

Abbie Rova – Unaffiliated

Maccloud –


EVE world news – Empires attacking each other


Show Links 

EVE Matar Map –


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