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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Aether Wars

The Aether Wars refer to the server test that CCP is participating in which happens on the 20th. The CCP hopes 10,000 players will join them to stress test a new server technology from AetherEngine Company.

  • Artimus Albosa   Pandemic Horde Inc. [Pandemic Horde]
  • Silver Suspiria   Mecha Enterprises Fleet [Federation Uprising]
  • RonUSMC   Dreddit [Test Alliance Please Ignore]

CCP announces Invasion Tournament Series and Eve: Aether Wars

64bit Mass Test experience

Triglavian capital model on SISI

Golden Magnate, Virtuoso, and Whiptail down

The Bastion deploys(?) to Fountain

The geopolitical state of null

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