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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Khan Mining the DammFam way

A week in review.  Khan from DammFam gives us mining tips and tricks.

Introductions and announcements

Welcome to Talking in Stations my name is Rundle Allnighter, covering for Matterall who is gathering his strength after being inoculated, he will soon reveal his final form later next week!

Guests: Astraeoskhan

Panelists: Rundle (of Lost in Eve Fame), MacCloud, Ashterothi, Arsya, Dr Spodumain


Review of the Week (

11 Sunday – Weekend Report: How to survive in space: techniques, tips, tools and methodologies. How to leverage sites and locations to your advantage against larger foes. Suitonia and Rich’s perspective as hunters, Hateless and Katia Sae’s perspective as evaders.

12 Monday – Keepstar dies in a freighter wreck in tenerifis between Deepwater Hooligans and Pandemic Horde, Wrecking Crews Townhall meeting gets the Hy Wanto treatment throwing shade at RC. Former GS member turned NC recruit posted details of multiple dozens of supers he had smuggled out of 1DQ before getting caught and kicked. Init and Frat scrapped over an NPC Sotiyo that dropped a Komodo BPC

13 Tuesday – Patch Day – Landmarks in eve were added and iterated upon, Mark726 of Eve Travel gets his own Landmark in Mozzidit. Industry Blueprints were seeded to Tranquility, many were missed, there were some quantity errors to be corrected to. Player JBs are now included in autopilot routing and setting destinations. Native Mac client testing starts.

14 Wednesday – Fallout from asteroid belt removal – approx 14k removed (nerf to tobias officer rat farming in angel space), additional fixes to industry blueprints and offgrid fighter recall. CSM 16 Candidate Campaigns Start, why the CSM formed, what is required to become a CSM candidate. Some Q&A on the upcoming Indy changes

15 Thursday – TIS Newspaper and who is Adreland Deninard? Deep dive into one of our staffers here at TIS and how he tackles generating the TIS in game Newspaper. His thoughts on tackling propaganda and dealing with clashing perspectives and prioritisation of what makes it and what doesnt.

16 Friday –  Providence Freeports being set abandoned and looted, Accusations being leveraged against RC. AoM and allies clean up some Invidia Goriae Comes structures, after the renters swap sides earlier on to help Imperium and their allies kill Legacy structures IGC drop capitals to even the fight but loose the majority 

Interview with Gory Xander, a new player and Streamer to Eve Online.

17 Saturday – Jove Talks – Tiberus hosts part 2 of the independently produced Wormhole TedTalk-style Show published by TIS. Guests included the CEOs of Hard Knocks, Inner Hell and Exit Strategy and notable members from Ronin, Lazerhawks, Suddenly Carebears and Degenerate Depot


Friday – CCPs london sci-fi action Shooter project has some serious competition from a new IP from Korean Developers Krafton Corp, Data breaches and how you can secure your data and login credentials better.

CCP Interviews

Meta Show – CCP Rattatti and CCP Swift on talking Industry, Ecosystem and Product discovery

Tackled the belt removal issue – belts are legacy material injection systems and CCP would like to phase them out eventually but didnt make the connection that they were being utilised in other mechanics.

CCP wants to move the Ecosystem into being a self sustaining model rather than requiring dev upkeep and downtime to generate more resources

Updates on the War so far

4 Keepstars Lost in delve since last Sundays show (delve – 31X-RE,7UTB-F,Q-02UL, fake querious – B-7DFU)

14 Imperium Keepstars left

  1. 5 located in 1DQ1-A:
  2. The four located in the systems accessible via gates only by going through 1DQ1-A,8WA-Z6,5BTK-M,MO-GZ5,Y-OMTZ
  3. The five located in Delve and accessible by gates without going through 1DQ1-A,3-DMQT,N-8YET,PS-94K,0-HDC8,PUIG-F

At the rate of sieging and Keepstar destruction, that is two weekends / End of April – beginning of May becoming plausible for the eventual start of the siege of 1dq1-a.

Astraeoskhan – Mining

The various forms of mining available to players.

SOP of mining in differing security space.
Typical fits for mining.
Min maxing vs survivability

Ore vs Ice vs Gas

Ninja Mining

Wormhole diving

Mining in mission deadspaces

How should players look to adapt to the industry changes

Wrap Up – The week ahead on TIS 

Euro Show is starting their new schedule this week. The Euro show will now be on every Fridays going forward at 19:00 EVE 

  • Quick toss over to MacCloud on why the change to one show per week

Interview with Darkdez. Carneros and Rich on Wed 21st at the regular news slot which is 23:59 EVE time


Show Links:,7utb-f,q-02ul#ihub,5BTK-M,MO-GZ5,Y-OMTZ#ihub,N-8YET,PS-94K,0-HDC8,PUIG-F#ihub


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