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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Decade of EVE: 2010-2015

In the first of this two part series, Matterall, Dirk MacGirk, Maccloud and Elise Randolph talk about events that took place between 2010 – 2016.

Matterall announces 2019’s Most Influential Player (Katia Sae), Group (Trigger Happy) and Event (Blackout).

Most Influential Players – 2019


  • Kendarr
  • Olmecca Gold
  • Vily
  • Gobbins
  • Elo Knight
  • Seddow
  • Katia Sae


  • Trigger Happy
  • Chinese and Korean Players
  • Inner Hell
  • Streamfleet
  • TEST/Legacy


  • Blackout
  • Battle of O1Y-ED Snuff vs Dead Co.
  • Pitts failed dreadbomb against TEST and the sinking of the Locustina
  • Treaty of Amarr and Minmatar (Faction War)
  • Ms Rabbit & Ranger Regimine
  • Death of Golden Magnate
  • Brisc Expulsion from CSM (CCP debacle)
  • Imperiums glassing of Tribute (revenge for WWB)
  • Drifter attacks

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 by Breathe in the Light | To Boldly Go in January 9, 2020

[…] Talking in Stations – Most Influential Players 2019 (YouTube 2h10m) […]

 by Katia Sae in January 11, 2020

Honored and humbled to be named TiS Most Influential Player 2019. Thanks so much for the consideration and for helping to share the story. :)

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