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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
War and Economy

We review the war and the monthly economic report. A look at CCP’s Fireside chat.

Arsia, Suitonia, Hateless, Elise Randolph, Matterall

Control Room: Maccloud (stream engineer)


War reports

  • Nol
  • Inits defense of Fort
  • Esoteria

Updates by Coalitions

Fireside chat


  • Never going to be a Jove expansion
  • 1.9 million login in 1st time this year – higher than last 3 years.
    • ARRR! Activation, Retention, and Revenue
    • newer players dont have “survivor bias” (big victory)
    • CCPers happier than ever
  • EVE is the biggest decision maker (which is video games strong point)
    • “Echo system of torture for accelerated human development.” – Hilmar
    • “Magic is in the destruction”
  • Japanese/Korean/Chinese – interface complexity
    • Beauty PVP in
  • 2023 – 20 years of EVE (monument)
  • CSM – Minutes versus CSM reaction videos
  • Natural generations and lack of regeneration ability
  • Cloaky Camping is still left (Blackout). Emotional asymmetry
  • Impermanence – Asset Safety, NPC factories, Sov system

Economic Report

Monthly Economic Report – November 2020 | EVE Online

Galactic Hour –

Galactic Hour News Roundup: No Peace in New Eden for Yoiul Festival Edition – EVE Community

Titans 15 years old

EVE Online

Monthly Economic Report – November 2020 | EVE Online)

Economic Report for November 2020 is now available!


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