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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Liberation and War report

Noraus talks about game updates, patches, and some of the political news from his perspective as the leader of Fraternity alliance.


Guests:  Noraus

Panel:  Arsia, Suitonia, Rahne, Matterall


Week in Review (skipped)

  • July 5 (Mon)  Most significant war in EVE: a timeline
  • 6 (tues)  Gala for small gangs – Marauders nerfed!
  • 7 (Wed)  Summer of rage or disengaged?
  • 8 (Thurs)  How to win Minmatar liberation day
  • 9 (Fri)  Kicked for treason! Vince cuts off Sinners Corp

Player News

  • 1 year of War
    • July 20 – August 2 – fountain falls
    • September – Quarious and Rubicon 49-U (several, size ups)
    • October – Keepstars into Delve 
    • November Delve iHubs
      • Nov 20, T5Z Keepstar anchored
    • December Ceasefire
    • January “M2”
    • February “Helms Deep”
    • March – April cleanup of former Imperium territories
    • May – June Siege 1DQ
  • Sinners kicked from NCdot (move to NSH)

Other News 

PCU Review and Discussion

Into the Portal Patch – Black Ops & Cloaking

Marauder Change Review

NC. Boots Original Sinners Corp & War Notes

War Highlights Review of the Year

Minmatar Freedom Celebration Ongoing

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