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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Hunting and Evading in Space

It’s a lot of fun stalking and hunting another player in EVE, but someone is stalking you at the same time. Here are several survival strategies to keep you from being someone else’s prey. Katia, a well-known EVE explorer, talks about evasion while exploring. The Brisc Rubal and Ron USMC discuss current affairs in and around the conflict with them.

Opening video

Introductions and announcements

Date: April 11, 2021

  • Katia Sia
  • Ron USMC 
  • Brisc Rubal  
  • Suitonia from VOLTA – Twitch and Twitter
  • Hatless Gaming specializes in PVE and missions
  • Rich Richman from Plucky Adventurers
  • Tiberius

Review of the Week (

4 Sun – Keepstar demolitions, Jump Freighter Concorded, 

5 Monday – Horizontal industry (Pservad), 

6 Tues – Amamake incident

7 Wed – 1DQ production spike

8 Thurs – Baltrom, Freighter BPOs dead, 

9 Fri – Keepstar up in Y-2, Frat freeport in M-O

10 Sat – NC buys up supers from 1DQ


The Hunt ends on the 13th, We expect first wave of industry changes soon

Space Phenomenon – New Skyboxes/effects. Pool of Radiance, Trace Cosmos, Eve Gate etc.

FRT puts up a public sotiyo in M-O (competing with the TTT?)

Keeps dying in delve (how many are left?)

Feythabolis being ransacked by INIT, IGC have left legacy to save themselves

Sib Squad update in fountain


Euroshow – 

Tues – Elite dangerous walking in stations, CCP 3rd person shooter

Thurs loot box gambling and organized crime

Evasive maneuvers



Show Links (jf killed by concord) (loss BPO collection) (list – 1 Trillion in Supers to NC from 1DQ) (each contract)

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