Midweek Update

Midweek Update

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Artimus, Ron, and Silver take you through the week’s news. From Hard Knocks retreat to TEST stalled efforts against Horde.

Artimus Albosa   Capitalist Army [The Network.]
RonUSMC   Dreddit [Test Alliance Please Ignore]
Silver Suspiria   Mecha Enterprises Fleet [Federation Uprising]


HK confirmed living in a C2 WH with Null and C5 statics

Looking to evict a farm hole belonging to Outlaws., a Russian group who evicted some HK farm holes during Rage

HK helped evictOutlaws. From their home hole a few months ago

Tri lose Sotiyoto Skill U, Loot Fairy says no

FEDUP update

TEST + Imperium destroy numerous ihubs in the Kavala Expanse and have a good brawl

MASSIVE AUTZ fight totaling 790b in losses Vily Geminate Deployment update leaked

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