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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
EVE University Today

What is EVE University like today, as it turns 17 years old? We ask communication manager Hippla Tsero. Ron USMC stops by to talk about war. 


Arsia – Electus Matari

Suitonia – Volta Alliance

Abbie Rova – TiS Editor in Chief

Rich Richman – Plucky Adventurers Alliance

Gergoran Moussou – Horde, former EVE Uni

Hippla Tsero – Communications Manager EVE uni

RonUSMC – Test FC, war streamer


Summary of week

EVE Newsday

Monday 3.15 | F2O- Keepstar, EVE Uni Turns 17, Mining Scarcity

Tuesday 3.16 | EVE Anywhere

Wednesday 3.17 | Rocket X of Rekking Crew

Thursday 3.18 | (Laers and Lace – Interview)

Friday 3.19 | F2O & D-W Keepstars Down, Waffles in Syndicate Region


F2OY-X Keepstar Armor Timer Reinforced

Quarantine in Stations – COVID, 1 Year Later

EuroShow episode 3 & 4

Get our EVE Newspaper in game called “TIS News” – While in EVE, open your MAIL window, at the bottom left find the button called [Add Mailing List]. Use it and add “TIS News” Then expect player news every weekday.


EVE University turns 17 (Hippla Tsero)

Change in leadership

Purpose and History of EVE Uni

Whats next for it

How do people join in


Quality of Life


Federation Grand Prix – Time Trials Contest

Friendship Week :

Daily Streams on CCPTV – * See

Friendly Screenshot Competition – * Take screenshots of you and your friends in space and win stuff, see CCP Facebook and Twitter for details on how to enter and prizes.

Friendship Week | EVE Online

LIMITED TIME – 15% OFF 12M OMEGA – * Log in to your secure webstore account to get the discount, March 22nd to 30th.

Permaband Roadies SKINS for the Maller, Moa, Rupture, and Thorax, 55 PLEX in NES, 24th to 26th March.

Friday 26 March at 18.00 CCP Alpha’s Russian Rush Hour, dev caravan featuring CCP devs, GMs, and ISDs flying together and spreading cheer! or come find us for a chance at swag as we romp around Nullsec.

Quality of Life Update :

Coming 23 March, you will be able to install multiple Jump Clones in the same station or structure, as long as it has a Clone Bay facility.

Fitting a Burst Jammer module will disable interdiction nullification, making it less oppressive when fit to nullified Interceptors.

Quality of Life Updates | EVE Online

Target Spectrum Breaker module, it will be reworked to reduce a ship’s signature radius for a short duration and will still be locked to Battleships on release. *note making a BS signature less than cruiser sized for 2.5 minutes with a 2.5 minute cooldown, anti bombing feature.

Wormhole Mass changes on a per jump basis to make rolling holes easier with certain types and fits of ships

Eve Anywhere :

Play Eve Online in the Browser anywhere enters Beta.

Some restrictions for now USA North American and Fast Internet required, possibly a paid for feature in future

Able Gamers

Tiltify – Made for Fundraisers

EVE Anywhere enters beta | EVE Online

****Why AbleGamers? AbleGamers is a 501(c)3 charity that raises funds to help bring gaming to those with disabilities. Did you know there are over 46 million people with disabilities in the US alone? That’s a lot of folks who could use AbleGamers’ help. Especially in a global pandemic, with many also having compromised immune systems, gaming has been an outlet for many gamers. With funding, AbleGamers is able to create unique controllers which directly benefit those with disabilities. Additionally, they freely hand these out to gamers at no cost to them, allowing folks to quickly jump into gaming. They also advocate for more disability options within gaming, examples being difficulty settings, colorblind options, subtitles, and key binding remapping. They are a positive force in gaming!

We give you the tools to engage with your donors and raise more for your charity


Show Links,5/F2OY-X


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