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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Linux, Grand Heist Arrives, Alliance Tournament Returns

Make ridiculous amounts of ISK with the alliance tournament or ESS heists.


Guests:  Noraus

Panel:  Arsia, Suitonia, Rahne, Matterall


Week in Review

July 12 (Mon) “Economy, War and Players” – Industry after 2 months, PCU drop why?, Review of ISK ratting timeline PSD
13 (Tues) “Patch Day – New Color, Hunter’s Boon, and Ashterothi’s Liberation Days”
14 (Wed)  “Fountain Fights & Return of Alliance Tourney”
15 (Thurs) “Lady Scarlet talks war and diplomacy” – Corporation video, Scarlet on leadership, longevity, FC drama
16 (Fri) “Alliance tournament and the grand heist (ESS)” – AT and ESS demo
Player News





Other News

Patch Notes

Alliance Tournament (sell injectors)

ESS Heists



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