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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Turning Point: Conquerable Stations and the Abyss

This week on Talking in Stations, we look at the end of the roadmap for stations and outposts as they have finished their final transition into faction fortizars.  We will look at the winners of the station grab and where years of loot will be sent via asset-safety. Our newest host, Artimus Albosa from Mercenary Coalition tells of the joint push of Northern Coalition and Mercenary Coalition into Querious and how they had hoped to affect the war in the North.  Finally, Suitonia and Mistwarden bring us their guides to running the new abyssal space and what the new Triglavian ships bring to the pvp pilots of Eve.

On the show:

  • Matterall – DICE Corporation, Northern Coalition
  • Tiberius StarGazer –  DICE Corporation, Northern Coalition
  • Artimus Albosa –  Noir. Corporation, Mercenary Coalition
  • Ashterothi – Aideron Robotics Corporations, Fed Up


  • Suitonia
  • Falaharn Mistwarden –  Amok, [GSF]


Show Notes:  

Stations and Outposts 

  • briefly talk about the roadmap for moving structures over to player made citadels
  • tell our audience what an outpost and conquerable station is (Matterall)
  • talk about the special ones/the new bonuses (have slides for MacCloud)
  • talk about which alliance and region got the most
  • TEST took a bunch of them from PL, what does that do for the alliance
  • look at some of the bigger conflicts that have formed around these structures



NC and the push into Querious

  • NC and the push into Querious – Artimus
  • The war in Querious with Gehi as a beachhead

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The Abyss

  • The Abyss – Ashterothi, Suitonia, Mistwarden
  • Mistwarden — how to get involved
  • Suitonia talk about his guide and walk through the process of putting that together
  • What about Abyssal space appeals to Suitonia and how does he think it will appeal to other players
  • Talk about some of the ships to run the sites in
  • How will Trig ships be used in pvp or fleet battles
  • Look at the loss stats on the first day
  • Ashterothi to talk about the lore


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Soundtrack: Instrumental – “But Not Tonight” (Depeche Mode)

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