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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Pando with Blazingbunny and Doombunny (FC Chat Series)

Pando talks with Loroseco


(Audio from live recording on

Here is a list of everything they talked about:

  • How did Loroseco and Pando meet?

  • Rage 2.0 (The Initiative’s 2nd visit of HKs WH “Rage”)

  • What is hole control?

  • Stukas in WH-Space

  • Loki doctrine

  • Assault Damage Controls & Heavy Assault Cruiser

  • Rage 1.0

  • Boosh Ravens

  • Nullsec static WHs & Doorstop mechanic

  • Loroseco’s FC history & role in HK

  • Triglavian ships in WH-space

  • Brave Newbros

  • No incentives for fights

  • ISK-making in WHs

  • Thoughts about possible changes to WH-space

  • CSM influence on CCP

  • CCP employees playing Eve

  • Warpspeed changes

  • The pie chart of shame

  • Boosh nerfs

  • Keepstar DD sponges

  • Theorycrafting

  • Idea for clonebays in WHs

  • Citadels & Timers (also with an idea for a different approach on timers)

  • Voting system for the CSM

  • Various viewer questions

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