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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
CSM16 Race, The Academy, and Wormholes... solved?

CSM 16 candidates are off and running, CCP launched EVE Academy – a website explaining pathways for players to build a career and we talk about the MER and how wormhole ISK-making is increasing.


Welcome / Introduction May 23

EVE Newsday podcast (

Monday – Cloak Camping

Tuesday – Patchday (quick)

Wednesday – PI (Pochven Fights)

Thursday – Flying Dangerous

Friday – MER

Euroshow on Friday – Crypto

EVE Discord Community

CSM16 Season kicking off

The Academy


Vendetta died

Etherium Reach – Init taking out jump bridges

Frat Invading Pure Blind

Get our EVE Newspaper in game called “TIS News” – While in EVE, open your MAIL window, at the bottom left find the button called [Add Mailing List]. Use it and add “TIS News” Then expect player news every weekday.


  • Ashley Traynor (, Foxholers)
  • Tiberius
  • Teddy (Foxholers)


  • Matterall
  • Suitonia – Volta
  • Caleb
  • Maccloud – Initiative

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