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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Kitchen Sink Capitals

Two pirate faction titans destroyed in a single battle. CCP experiments with removing downtime, and TiS gives a roundup of the week’s other news.

Fighting in Lowsec | Alliance Tournament | Roleplaying | Game design & health | Eve Community | Fighting in Nullsec | New Player Experience

Hosts: Artimus Albosa
Guests: Arsia Elkin, Baltrom, Nick Bison, The Elder
Categories: Weekend Show

Intro to Show and Guests
Baltrom Explains the Faction Titans Loss
Week Show Reviews. Reactions – Trig Dreads – Eve Widow
A little RP from Thursday’s Show
Player Event – Oct 19th – Totality Day
CCP No Downtime and its Effects
CCP Broadcast for Reps! Suicide Prevention
Brother Vile Rat Cyno Vigil Tribute
RC vs FIRE Scuffle in the South
AIR Stations in NPE

TiS Weekend Update, Sunday 12 September 2021

Watch live at
Faction Titan Battle Report:
CCP No Downtime Video:
CCP Explorer Technical Tweet:
Volcano DJ Set:
You are never alone:
Vile Rat Tribute Video:
Totality Day:
RC vs FI.RE Battle Report:

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