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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
How to Kickstart your Eve Fortune with @HateLesS_Gaming

General Stargazer talks Alliance tournament format. Also, popular streamer HateLess shares a new technique for fighting Triglavians in high sec, perfect for entry-level players into fleets who want to join fleets and get into the action.

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Hosts: Abbie Rova, Rich Richman
Guests: General Stargazer, Hateless, Sutonia, Xiao Shen13
Categories: Interview, Weekend Show

Show Intro & Guests
Week in Review – 3 Bonus Login Days – Sale on PLEX Packs
Eve Anywhere Update Expands to More Countries
General Stargazer on Tourney and More Eve Anywhere
July MER
Alliance Tourney (Not Summer Games) Announcements and Brackets
Oceanic TZ Summer Games – Tournament
Meta Changes to Ship Fittings in AT Since Surgical Strike
More Tourney Talk
Hateless – Team Trig Hunting in HiSec for ISK and Fun!
New Eve Tech Corp (In Game) – CONCORD and More
Quadrant 4 and Final Thoughts

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TiS Weekend Report Sunday, 22 August 2021

10% off packs:
Eve Anywhere:
Fleet Up IRL:
Alliance Tournament Bracket:
Eve Summer Tournament:
Trig Hunting Fits:

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