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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
CCP Seagull Interview

We talk with Andie “Seagull” Nordgren, Exec Producer of EVE Online weeks before her departure from EVE. Over the last four years, Seagull has provided EVE with vision and the development pathway. She explains “Design for Participation” principals to how living in Iceland has affected her. Andie will be missed.  Also, we ask Asher Elias to review the events in Deklein, Pure Blind, Fade regions.

On the show:

  • Matterall
  • Ashterothi (Fed Up, Gallente faction war, broadcaster, EVE analyst)
  • Carneros (Bastion)


  • Andie “Seagull” Nordgren Executive Producer to EVE Online
  • Asher Elias (FC, GSF)

Show Notes:

  • News
    • Imperium attack on Deklein, Pure Blind, Fade – Guardians of the Galaxy sov
      • Started out of boredom
      • Special Interest Groups did expeditions there
        • Black Ops, Reavers, Space Violence
      • There was no plan to disrupt them economically
      • FC’s get better funding after showing results
      • How FC’s are budgeted
      • Impact on Horde���s
      • Not a “Full Scale” invasion
      • “…Typical Goonies” – Asher
    • Declaring wars versus expeditionary conflicts that evolve into war
    • Dislodging enemies from Sov
    • Fed Up versus Tissu

[ Intermission ]

  • CCP Seagull
    • Departure at the end of June
    • Executive Producer’s role – not passive.  She provided vision and influence on EVE
    • The Seagull name comes from liking Seagulls and the code name of first female in space.
    • Assessing her tenure
    • Most memorable moment at CCP
    • How she was able to introduce ideas players were resistant to
    • How the CSM evolved under her tenure
    • Optimism
    • Living in Iceland
    • Participation Design versus Design for Participation
    • EVE is a platform to make thinks you care about
    • Wishes she could have seen player built stargates
    • Seagull will not play EVE for a while, to get some perspective.
    • Her new job is at Unity (game engine) company
    • Players invest deeply in EVE
    • Seagull refuses to say where the game is going beyond what was announced at Fanfest
    • No differences between devs that played or didnt not play EVE before joining CCP
    • Old roadmap versus “new roadmap” player control and brand unification (Jon Lander era transition to Seagull era)



Soundtrack: Instrumental – But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode)


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