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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Fraternity's Fortress in Vale

Imperium mops up PAPI structures in Delve. Also, Fraternity’s military director Luke Anninan discusses alliance moves with TiS.

Fighting in Nullsec | Fighting outside of Nullsec | Player Owned Starbases | Game design & health | ESS Keys

Hosts: Arsia Elkin
Guests: Artimus Albosa, Luke Anninan, Nick Bison, Rich Richman, Xiao Shen13
Categories: Weekend Show

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at

Intro to the Show & Guests
Quick Week in Review
IGB POS Planner Back Online – POS Types & Mechanics
Eve Academy on Worm Hole Mechanics
Keepstars in Delve Continue to Fall – 101 History Wide
War – Phase II – Well Done Imperium – Buying Time With Space
Warped Intentions Merges into BRAVE
Deployables in Rookie Systems & NewEden Police Force
FRT Fights with Snuff – Luke as Our Guest – Talk on Various Topics with Luke On Fraternity
Logistics of Moving Home and Some Challenges
The Beacon Provides 50:00 FRT and Snuff Fight in LowSec
Some Corp Movements Post-War
Who’s Living in Vale & Future of TEST in Drones
FleetUp Eve Meets – New Orleans and Nottingham
Final Thoughts and Shout Outs

TiS Weekend Report, 15 August 2021

Fleet Up in Real Life:
IGB POS Planner:
Eve Academy – Wormhole Basics:
New Eden Police Force:
SNUFF vs FRT in Otsasai:
SPECTRE Fleet ESS Heist Video:

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