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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Conversations: ExookiZ and Harvey Skywarker on Sov

Hello, this is Matterall from the fan-created EVE Online podcast called, “Talking in Stations.” At TIS we like to bring you the most important news of the week, straight from news-makers themselves. For over two years TIS has covered EVE Online relentlessly, giving you the best insight into modern day EVE. But it is not enough. Thanks to our financial supporters on Patreon, we are able to bring you more.

The following is the first in a series of short episodes called “Conversations.” Each conversation will focus on a single aspect of EVE Online. We’ll talk to everyone; from experts that have logged for over 15 years to those that follow EVE’s fascinating player-created stories, but don’t play it themselves.

In this segment, we talk about attacking and defending conquerable areas of space. EVE Online takes place in a cluster of solar systems called New Eden. The cluster is mostly ruled by a few Empires (controlled by non-player entities). Beyond the control of these empires, lies Outlaw-space. These regions are roughly 1/3 of the game’s map and can be conquered and settled by players.

The security rating of these outlaw regions is 0.0 which players used to name the area, calling it “Zero Zero” space. The recent generation evolved the name to “null-sec” space – in other words, no security, except that which players provide other players.

The sovereignty system has changed three times in 15 years. The original system was based on claiming the majority of moons in a single system by anchoring and onlinging Player owned Stations next to them. The POSes looked like towers with force fields. Powerful corporations used the fire-power of dreadnoughts to siege the towers. Alliances of these corporations could easily overpower their smaller rivals.

2009 the system was changed with the Dominion Expansion. Dominion sov, as it was called, changed the system from moon control to Territorial control units that claimed and the entire system without the labor and resources of multiple towers. It took some years before players learned how to make Dominion sov miserable for their opponents.

In 2015 sovereignty was changed again to satisfy player outcry. The node-based sov system was introduced in the Aegis sov expansion. This system was also known as Fozzie sov based on the name of the developer that explained the system to players – CCP Fozzie. The sov system is controversial.

Here are two expert players, one from wormholes and another from small-gang combat. As they discuss the pros and cons of sov mechanics.

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