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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
An Empire Space War and TDSIN joins INIT

Captator talks about the troubles in high sec against PIRAT, and the leader of The Dark Space Initiative talks about their move to Initiative Alliance.


  • Captator (Empire Assault Corp [Dead Terrorists])
  • ExookiZ (The Dark Space Initiative [Initiative])

TIS Crew:

  • Matterall (Talking in Stations)
  • Carneros (Ancient Hittite Corporation [The Bastion])
  • Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthanasia [Pandemic Legion])
  • MacCloud (The Graduates [The Initiative.])

Subject #1  The Empire War between P I R A T and Dead Terrorists

  • Derived from an /r/eve post by Captator about an epic, complex war with twists and turns
  • Wearing black: P I R A T, Wrecking Machine (+ TEST, Horde)
  • Wearing white: Dead Terrorists, Northern Coalition., Shadow Cartel, Space Ants, Trigger Happy, Inner Hell. (+ INIT)


  • Tell us about yourself (briefly)
    • Who are you and what do you do in Dead Terrorists?
  • Tell us about this war. Was there an event that triggered this war? 
    • HS Industrial concern of old friends wardec’d end of 2019
    • Brief war against PIRAT followed, DT agreed to end hostilities before structure timers after assurances that our friends would not be bothered (killing the structures would have disrupted PIRAT’s other wars hosted from them)
    • PIRAT redeclared war early March 2020, we were unable to form for various timers/had bad rolls time-wise initially, they started hitting industrial structures
    • DT started shooting them in earnest end of March, wherein I started documenting our fights, as it had been a bit of timer ping-pong with no real engagement prior
  • What is the relationship between the major blocs in highsec?
  • Which side declared war? What motivation did the attacker have to originally pay for this war?
    • PIRAT’s modus operandi is to be annoying enough that the big blocs don’t want to deal with them/pay them off, balancing that with being of use by acting as enforcers for the TTT markets, killing potential competitor structures, especially in Perimeter. Outside of the Forge, extortion is more the name of the game – they will accept payment to end wars/not redeclare
  • What are success conditions for P I R A T?
    • Win timers, get paid, shoot the unprepared at HS chokes
  • What are success conditions for Dead Terrorists?
    • Not have to return to HS a third time to deal with the nonsense that is wardec system
  • Why was this war different from other high sec wars?
    • PIRAT are not accustomed to fighting pvp-first, competent opponents, their usual targets lack the characters, appropriate sp and experience to do anything but feed into the grinder 
    • It exposed some of the hypocrisy of the larger bloc members – TEST and Horde both declared war despite the structure due to be killed being the HQ for wars with most of Legacy, and formerly NC (PIRAT dropped the war to prevent their assistance) 
  • What about this war could be described as exploits not yet flagged by CCP?
    • Storage of ships in neutral Bowhead while hard tackled, immune to reprisal
    • Shedding wars through kicking a corp which owns a war HQ out of alliance
    • Having simultaneous shell corps declaring war on a group then shuffling characters between them to minimise ability for allies to assist


  • TDSIN moves to INIT (after being denied WH sanctuary 3 times over)
  • Surgical Strike arrived on April 15 so we have experienced 4 days of this new EVE so far
  • Major blocs have not yet tipped their hands
  • The new meta has not yet emerged
  • CSM minutes were released in abbreviated form
  • EVE Russia 2020 was officially canceled due to pandemic
  • Plex For Good for COVID-19




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