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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Invasion Phase 3

A look at the new Invasion entering EVE Online this month, with help from ARC members Makoto and DutchGunner.


  • Makoto Priano (Coordinator Emeritus of [Arataka Research Consortium])
  • DutchGunner (CEO and Founder of Circle of Abyss [FC for Arataka Research Consortium])

TIS Crew:

  • Carneros (Ancient Hittite Corporation [The Bastion])
  • Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthanasia [Pandemic Legion])
  • MacCloud (The Graduates [The Initiative.])


Main Subject

Are you ready for Invasion Phase 3? What can we expect?

  • Large number of structures unanchoring across New Eden in advance of the Forsaken Fortress update this week
  • Invasion Chapter 3 is coming soon
    • How much do we know?
    • Triglavian invasion stream by CCP occurred on 17th May 2020
    • Initial invasion was May 29, 2019. Phase three is May 26, 2020.
    • The Empires banding together in a common defense initiative: Edencom — with new weapon systems in development
    • Each capsuleer will need to choose between sides and these choices will have an impact on the storyline
    • Not only that, but the impacts will have lasting consequences to the landscape of New Eden.
    • Changes to the map of New Eden
    • New structures of unknown purpose being built by both sides
    • There will be multiple invasion locations (5?) with each focus being unique and different. Each will have an entry in the Agency with its own rules, activities, and goals for both pro-Triglavian and pro-Edencom sides. Each will have offensive, mining, and defensive sites.
      Will these be separate invasions by separate clades?
      Separate invasions by the same folks with the same basic set of assumptions?
    • What is the World Ark exactly? Is it a ship? Structure? It is apparently able to move around according to CCP Delegate Zero.
    • Xordazh mothership?
    • Going back to the changes to the map of New Eden, what happens if capsuleers have stuff in a system or are living in a system and the Triglavians take it? Do we lose access to our stuff? At what point should one evacuate our stuff?
    • Why is this expansion called Eclipse? 
    • Are players going to need to track the elements of Triglavian society separately? The convocation of Triglav inside and outside the struggle?
      The Velez, the Parun, and Svarog… the various clades?
    • According to the Triglavian Foothold Systems briefing from Arataka Research Consortium authored by Ilm Gaterau and Haria Haritimado, the null security systems have been spared so far. Triglavians only seem interested in Empire systems — high and low security. No mention of w-space.
    • When the day comes to pick sides in the conflict, what will each of you do? Support Edencom, support Triglav, or attempt to thread a neutral course?
    • Are there institutions in place where I can interact with these sites without leaving my main corp/alliance
  • Travel system re-work recently tested on SiSi


  • Northern Coalition. deployed forces to X-7OMU in Pure Blind in response to the Imperium’s GEF SIG deploying to Cloud Ring. SNUFF BOX bolstered by Pandemic Horde, United Federation of Conifers, NC., and Pandemic Legion have won and lost some battles against Imperium forces including GEF SIG and INIT.
  • The region of Cache is embroiled in conflict with capitals and supercapitals appearing on the field. There are rumors flying that Nullsechnaya Sholupen is being evicted from Cache. 
  • Filaments are continuing to prove popular for roaming fleets
  • A new balance of power may be emerging in wormhole space with the largest PVP groups banding together to deny other groups any structures larger than an Astrahus. This may need to be the subject for a future show.
  • The April Monthly Economic Report was released on Friday and was discussed in Matterall’s daily Talking in Stations morning show
  • Early this morning, just as downtime was about to start, Fuyue Industry Inc. lost an ambitiously-fit Vanquisher-class faction Titan.I called it ambitiously-fit because aside from rigs, it had exactly one defensive module: an abyssal Damage Control unit.

Used in show:

Future Show Ideas:

  • The new order in wormholes — the new blue doughnut and evictions for everyone else
  • CCP Burger and CCP Goodfella  on Forsaken Fortress content update


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