Lumio vs “Big Boss PL” in Tenal

Lumio vs “Big Boss PL” in Tenal

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Lumio en Tilavine weighs his odds on taking Tenal away from Pandemic Legion. Lumio was made famous by relentlessly resisting the overwhelming force of PL during their invasion of Providence. “YOU DIDNT HEARD THE LAST” of Lumio! Was one of his mantras.

The introduction is an excerpt from TiS 05/13/18 – Fight for Providence Stations featuring  PL’s Harvey Skywarker hilarious description of Lumio, the “Defender of Catch and Providence.”

The speech is an excerpt from Talking In Stations: TiS 06/10/18 – Providence Conquest Aftermath


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The portrait is made from The Princess Bride’s character, Inigo Montoya”My name is Lumio en Tilavine, you kill my father; prepare to die.” Lumio is a relentless opponent, even when outmatched.

His speech was a take from this wrestling meme.  Lumio, with some trepidation of his language abilities in English, opted to use it as a template for his own speech.


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