August 2017

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Empires of EVE (SirMolle, Seleene, Andrew Groen)

Speakers: SirMolle, CEO, Evolution, Northern Coalition. and former CEO of Band of Brothers Seleene, CEO of Body Count Inc., head of Mercenary Coalition, formerly known as CCP Abathur Andrew Groen, writer and EVE historian, author…

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War in the South (Triumvirate, Co2 vs DRF, FCON)

Cpt Patrick Archer – Triumvirate. Fafer – Tr0pa de elite., Ghost Legion Killah Bee – Pandemic Legion, Fleet Commander Carneros – CEO of The Bastion, political leader Matterall – Northern Coalition, DICE, Creative Director INN…

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Imperium Strikes Back

State of the Goonion Imperium marches north to Hokanon System – staging Updates: Lucky Clash, Standings User Interface Chances, Captains Quarters removed. Speakers: Progodlegend TEST, Fleet Commander Killah Bee Pandemic Legion, Fleet Commander Carneros CEO…