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Vily, leader of TEST, post that The Dysfunctionals corp was kicked from Goonswarm today. The Dysfunctionals held the fortizar in Y-2 that The Initiative was evacuating through on their way to mid-Fountain. Upset by the kick, the corp sold the fortizar to Pandemic legion. DJ Aldard, one of the main FCs of Pandemic Legion and CEO of the corporation Collapsed Out, bought the Fortizar.

The Dysfunctionals claim that they had initially offered to sell it to more Imperium-friendly owners. According to someone on Reddit claiming to be one of their directors*, they had decided that they needed to leave Goonswarm to bring life back into the corporation, and they knew that they were doing things in a way would get them kicked.

The Initiative had moved a lot of their assets through Aridia instead of taking the ZXB regional gate into Fountain, so they are not crippled by losing access to whatever assets are locked in this Fortizar. They must asset safety their ships and gear to an alternative structure in Y-2.

*Note from Sunflier, Lord of Worlds Alliance

There are a lot of rumors flying around, so I’m going to post the DYS perspective. You can think of it what you want.

DYS has limped along for a long time now. Our old CEO basically hobbled me at every turn when I wanted to do things to grow the corp. We were bleeding members, and then the war started. As of time of writing, we were down to ~20 active people across multiple time zones. This essentially made our peak hours cap out at like 5 people. This wasn’t viable as a corp, and we basically subsisted on momentum of very very active people.

The war progressed and Goons were holding out, but DYS couldn’t get new members. Then the first Keepstar went down. Then Goons started tethering up while bad guys achieved objectives because of drastic out-forming. I don’t mean iHubs, that’s just the back and forth. I mean they killed Keepstars. They put down an uncontested Keepstar in t5z. Goons held up in E3, but this wasn’t going to be sustainable because something will go wrong eventually (the nature of a siege is that the defenders have to be perfect every time where the lopsided attackers only have to get lucky once). There were rumblings of how it seemed Goonswarm was trying to lose the war as fast as possible. Someone high up even raised the specter of war bonds. People were looking around nervously and messaging me about what the plan was. Everything looked like Goonswarm was preparing for a last-stand blowout, and then be a Snuffed Out on steroids.

Directorship and I didn’t want members to get screwed in the transition when trying sell their supers in a fire-sale the size of Goonswarm. Especially when there is a Keepstar right in front of the low-sec station where Delve’s asset safety goes. We wanted to at least offer a lifeline to people who wanted it.

So, we came up with the Ascended Refugees (“AR”). Think of it like a decision tree. Decision 1: We do nothing, and everyone eats it. Decision 2: We form AR, reach out to people, and maybe some people eat it but others don’t; and the longer we go the fewer people get screwed while also giving people informed decisions. Option 3: Disband, merge around, and everyone hope for the best on their own. However, you ultimately end up with the same result as 1. PorkCleaner and I went with Option 2 because it seemed like the best shot to do the best for the most people, and even if things go tits up, the line members would get gobbled up by other Goon corps. We’re planning to build AR into a big corporation and do a lot more stuff for the line members.

We started the evacuation with directorship because we knew we’d get commissar-ed for even doing this. Then we reached out to our members with big stuff first because they were most at risk. We did this for a few weeks. Some decided that they were going to go down with the ship. Others were leaning more towards moving into a wormhole, their true passion in Eve. Some were going to, and have now, merged with other Imperium groups. Then we were going to get to the last few line members and do a mass evacuate of small stuff. But, that stuff would easily sell and cash is easy to move.

We got found out after we got through the big stuff out for who wanted out but before we could break the news to like the last few people. I’ve had my roles dropped for a while. I do not regret doing this because I did feel my obligation was to members.

There are a few regrets that I do have. For one, I loved being a Goon. The real Delve was the friends I made along the way, and it sucks to leave that behind. For two, I wish I could have had til Friday to get to the rest of the members. Finally, I really wish I had a better chance to say goodbye. We originally planned to tell everyone and write a “Goodbye Goonswarm” letter.

I’ll miss my real Delve, but time to move on.

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