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Alliances of DamFam and Malicious Mineral Hounds (MMH ) came to a diplomatic agreement in Abudban. DamFam won’t get in the way of MMH ganking other groups, and MMH won’t bother them in the Abudban Ice Belts. DamFam unsuccessfully negotiated for the compact to extend to all miners in the area. These are the terms of the agreement with MMH:

  • MMH will not grief (bump, gank, hassle) DF or UNITY pilots in Abudban, Alakgur, Dammalin, Olfeim, or Bosboger. 
  • In return, we will do the same. 
  • DF will not hinder or get in the way of MMH’s griefing and ganking of others in any of these systems, and we will not kill any of their ships that are ganking others (this includes whoring on the kills). 
  • DF members will not engage in local chatter with MMH.

This agreement means killing any MMH pilot in the systems listed (Abudban, Alakgur, Dammalin, Olfeim, or Bosboger) while the pilot is mining is PROHIBITED.

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