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November 19, 2020

The Monthly Economic Report (MER) for October showed Delve destruction numbers were up considerably, as expected. October marked fierce fighting in the war, principally the Keepstar battles in NPC Delve. The report also confirmed the mining rates in the four empires are higher than anywhere else. Null sec mining was only visible in Oasa, where Fraternity has vigilant defensive fleets.

Fraternity leader Noraus showed a graph and said his group’s ratting yields were down 50% in recent days.

Graph: Fraternity Daily Ratting Tax Income
Graph: Fraternity Accumulated Ratting Tax Income

A tally of combatants in the Delve war zone confirms PAPI fighting Imperium with a 2.31:1 advantage among active pilots. In the last 7 days, Imperium had 5,966 pilots to PAPI’s 13,318. Activity levels were the same for both sides, averaging over 11%. Standouts for activity were Northern Coalition with 19.65% activity, equating to 738 pilots. Full report created from dotlan and zkillboard.

NPC “Resource Wars” sites have stopped appearing in space.


Plasma storms in 5IO8-U and 7D-PAT
Electrical storms in CZK-ZQ and I30-3A
Gamma storms in XS-K1O and H-NOU5
Exotic storms in J-RQMF and HB-KSF

EVE Scout can escort you to safety if stuck in wormhole space or in Pochven.

Full report

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