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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Rise of the Chinese: Winter Coalition

We meet Wind Spirits, a Chinese leader of Fraternity and the Winter Coalition – a coalition of Asian corporations. Jinn’Taan joins us as we explore the fascinating differences in culture between east and west.  Eastern players are paid real money to be fleet commanders and approach the game as athletes, while the western players rely heavily on the meta (out of game advantages) to win wars. Two very different approaches to EVE Online.

On the show:

  • Matterall
  • Carneros
  • Keskora


  • Wind Spirits
  • Jin’Taan

Show Notes:

  • Wind Spirits
    • History
      • “Earth and Beyond”
      • Milestones
      • 2012 – Pangu Alliance
      • Fraternity Alliance
    • Serenity Migration
      • Recently, were more Chinese players coming to Tranquility than normal? (FRT is easily the fastest growing power ATM -Jin)
        • If so, what was causing the move?
        • If not, why have the Chinese TZ not very strong?
      • Curse Region
        • Best for Chinese players
        • Historic Curse
    • Asia Timezone
      • Winter Coalition
      • Growth  – Goal is to get up to 3 max fleets (255)x3
      • Biggest Challenge
        • Finding quality and quantity fights
      • Fraternity – Corp removed 1860 inactive members recently
      • Chinese localization
      • CEO job is to get content in Asia timezone
        • sample – FC went through 2 divorces playing EVE
    • Serenity (Eastern) and Tranquility (TQ)
      • The contrast between west and east
      • The Continuum of War on TQ comes from “Earth and Beyond”
      • Eastern fights more engaging
        • FC’s are like pro athletes
        • FC’s expect fair fights, head to head
        • very well trained
        • FC’s paid in real life money
      • TQ fights more warrior-like
        • Win at all costs
        • use meta to win – spies, batphones, cheats
      • Eastern pacified industry creates wealth – infinite resources and constant experimentation
      • TQ fights innovate based on income concerns
    • Winter Coalition Diplomacy
      • Independent
      • Roots with NC / PL
    • Wormholes
      • Two groups dominated wormholes
      • Keepstar in W-space not defended
    • Alpha players
      • Not a factor. Chinese inject skills
    • Cultural RMT “see the bunny & marriage proposals”
      • Botting and RMT on all MMO’s is allowed
      • Serenity server estimate, $3 = 20-30 Billion ISK (about 1 PLEX)
      • PVE is mostly botting, or fun
    • Eastern FC good on the field, but not good at finding content
      • Wind Spirits – breaks the language barrier and arranges content
    • Eastern Metagame – reddit fights
    • Eastern access to TQ – VPN?


  • GotG lose 5 titans
    • Imperium ongoing harassment fighting up north
  • Hard Knocks scams a corp
  • POS Party (POSPY) in Ember Sands Alliance recovering
  • CSM candidates = 53


Soundtrack: Instrumental – But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode)

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