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WAFFLES reinforced an R64 moon belonging to Deepwater Hooligans. Because they expected a large batphone for the hull timer, they sought out allies of their own. Finding no allies in the Syndicate area who committed to help on the timer, they arranged for a Rekking Crew Tengu fleet (AB/HML/ECM Tengus are one of the signature fleet doctrines of TheLastSparton, the FC who led the victorious team in the Alliance Open a day later) to back them up. In addition to Deepwater’s Machariel fleet, Nullsechnaya Sholupen had a Rattlesnake fleet ready to defend the structure. Along with the subcapital fleets, which were triaged battleships for both sides (along with the Tengu fleet with triage support from WAFFLES), both sides committed dreadnoughts to the fight. During the fight, Triumvirate decided to show up and bring a Machariel fleet and dreadnoughts in order to back up the WAFFLES/RC side, which was outnumbered until TRI decided to third-party on their side. Because the two sides were too busy shooting each other to shoot the structure, it ended up repairing.

Killerbean83 Literally Triggered

AAR: R64 timer came out, RC & co arrived early since most of people were tied up in EVE-NT or the Delve keepstar drop from TEST. Sparton finished his matches so we farmed to 3rd party and we unironically ran out of ammo near the end of the fight, Currently travelling home after a 2h fight, and 2 fleets before that. 5h of fleets under 3 FCs. Loving it.

Az0r_au Fedo AAR from TRI/V0lta/Sedit perspective:

We got into system to find the Athanor at ~50% with Deepwater tethered/docked and a small Waffles phoon fleet shooting the athanor. Deepwater warped in their machs to the phoons and both sides dropping FAX for logistics. A few seconds later NSH cyno goes up at 0 and they bridge in Rattles+triage. We quickly realize this is going to be a brutal blobbing of the phoons and offer an alliance.

We warp in on the Deepwater machs and drop two triage of our own as the rattles are nuking machs very fast. NSH immediately responds with a very large wave of about 30 dreads on top of our fax while waffles valiantly attempts to counter escalate with dreads of their own at 0. Our fax obviously evaporate and our subcaps ping off to assess the situation losing all our bhalls and info links in the process.

The fight looks lost at this point with the rattles holding grid, but some of NSH dreads are bumping decently hard and we decide to pick off what we can with subcaps. As more and more NSH dreads are bumping out of range of the rattles we decide to drop dreads around 50-70km from hostile dreads and slowly chip away at the hostile caps. With the AB rattles unable to leave their fax that are stuck in bubbles 200km from our dreads and machs and Waffles dropping the last of their dreads with ours we actually manage to turn the cap fight into our favour.

With the hostile dreads dealt with we are able to kill most of the fax supporting the remaining subcaps and swoop in to delete the rattles, but quick thinking from NSH as they drop a fresh round of triage out of range of our dreads and are able to tank vs us again. At this point we attempt to extract any remaining friendly dreads on field to a midpoint athanor which somehow bugs out and doesn’t tether our dreads (see /u/ben3wallace post) and UFC decides to drop a handful of unsupported caps on us next door in M2-C which is a nice little desert after the main course.

GF to all those involved

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