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TEST’s Keepstar in T5ZI-S onlined on Saturday without an Imperium attack to block it. Instead, the Imperium fleets blockaded the adjoining gate from the 1DQ1-A side to prevent any invasion fleets from entering their capital system. 

PAPI ordered all fleets to restage from their current base in YZ9-F6 to the new keepstar. During the massive move fleets, a Ragnorok warped to a gate by mistake was quickly destroyed by an Imperium dread-bomb. TEST dropped Titans to counter the dreads.

TEST titans destroy IMperium dreads after dreads killed a Ragnarok – by RonUSMC

Gobbins Address

Gobbins intended to do a town hall to some war announcements and answer questions if the Keepstar went uncontested. He postponed this to another time and posted the statements via Discord text.

The Great Seige of 1DQ: Now that Horde is one gate out from 1DQ, the alliance’s primary symbolic objective is the faction Fortizars from Sort Dragon’s surrender deal.* Gobbins said that after taking 1DQ and everything else outside of the “Helm’s Deep” pocket with E3OI at its entrance, the alliance would determine whether its members want to continue in the war.

The Second Rinsing of Fountain: Horde members are encouraged to roam Fountain and harass ratting efforts to make it more difficult for the Imperium to rebuild what Horde destroyed in Fountain.

The Initiative reported moving stockpiles of capital hulls out of Delve through Aridia. Fax cash and rorquals.

Initiatives Faux and capitals move

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