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PenifSMASH, CEO of ElitistOps and renowned whaling FC, had been watching a Pandemic Legion member use his Revenant to kill small ships as they were coming in to pop the cynos on the PAPI Keepstar in T5Z. He warned the pilot that this would eventually get his ship killed, and put together a plan to do so. After a few days, an awox alt character in Pandemic Horde undocked a Devoter to tackle the Revenant while he was aggressed, and a cyno brought in dreadnoughts and neuting Apostles. While PAPI was scrambling to respond to this, a TEST member undocked his Leviathan and started firing his doomsday in an attempt to clear off dreads. The dreadbomb managed to destroy the Revenant and this Leviathan before PAPI triage could save them, but the dreadnought and titan fleets in the Keepstar destroyed the dreadbomb. This sort of operation is always a suicide mission, so losing dreadnoughts is not a huge loss, and the officer-fit Revenant alone is worth more than the entire Imperium fleet which dropped on it, so this is a clear victory for the Imperium. Roughly 25 hours before the kill, the Revenant pilot had taunted the Imperium in Local about how they had been feeding.

Here is a video with excellent sounds (and some profanity) courtesy of Soulheel / Kion Valiant

This is the second time that ElitistOps has orchestrated a Revenant kill in Delve. The last time, a bit more than a week less than four years earlier, they were part of Pandemic Legion when they killed a Goonswarm Revenant in D-W belonging to Jay Amazingness.

This third Revenant being killed in Delve means that Delve is now the region where the most Revenants have been killed, after having previously been tied with several other regions: Placid, The Forge, Derelik, Providence, and Molden Heath, as well as making Pandemic Legion the first alliance to lose four Revenants.

 – Gergoran, TIS News

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