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December 2, 2020

Hard Knocks Citizens, Lazerhawks, and Wormhole Society have begun the initial stages of the eviction process of J172502 which is currently controlled by Singularity Syndicate with a combined force of 150-200 pilots. The size of this fleet is expected to grow in the coming days. A source from Hard Knocks (HK) confirmed that this is indeed a “full eviction” of Singularity Syndicate. In wormhole space, “full evictions” are typically reserved for grudges either long or short between two groups or organizations or for lucrative financial purposes. This contrasts with the “content astrahus,” which is used to force a fight from another group and leave when the fight is complete. The source from HK did not wish to comment at this time on the reasoning behind this eviction. 

Singularity Syndicate CEO Cyrus Kurush stated that they are in the “preparatory phase” for their defense and will be working diligently to run interference on the enemy coalition’s attempt to maintain hole control on two different static wormholes. 

The final timer for Singularity Syndicate’s Fortizars are expected to be Saturday evening USTZ at approx 23:00 to 05:00 EvE time.

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