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Foxholers are defending an eviction attempt in their home in J123345, against a larger corp, Hole Control.

In a recent battle Foxholers repelled the Hole Control’s Lechak fleet. Foxholers CEO, Ashley Traynor, credited the victory to using a rare module, target spectrum breaker, which worked well against Hole Control’s Triglavian battleships. These battleships are underpowered when they first apply damage, but as time goes by the damage ramps up. The longer a target fire upon, the higher the damage, but if the target lock interrupted, the damaged falls back down to minimal damage. This is why lock breaking is useful against Triglavian ships.

Battle Report:

Here is a video of the battle:

An anonymous agent hired Hole Control for 50 Billion ISK to settle a score with Foxholers, but Foxholers are holding so far.

Ashy wrote about this conflict in her blog

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