Titan and Keepstar
by Gergoran Moussou in

November 16, 2020

Test Alliance Please Ignore announces plans to move to Delve after the war ends. It will scale down operations in Esoteria, giving industry operations time to finish up and move. Imperium main FC Asher Elias says that he would expect that move from TEST. After how the war has affected Delve, Imperium would move to a different region even if they ended up winning, but if they lose, they will likely stay around longer to harass TEST as they move in to Delve.

After the Imperium moved their capital staging to the “Helm’s Deep”* of E3OI-U, the invading coalition made multiple attempts to take the infrastructure hub of the previous capital staging system of D-W7F0 and the rest of the constellation, resulting in some fights last week. The most recent reinforcement was today, for a timer during early EUTZ Wednesday.

Newly-reformed Inner Hell evicts farm hole owned by Lazerhawks alt alliance Rainbow Knights. This reportedly does not go against the usual understanding between INHE, HAWKS, and Hard Knocks because abandoned farm holes are considered acceptable targets.

Hard Knocks drops an Astrahus in the system held by EVE University’s Wormhole Campus, resulting in over 45 billion ISK destroyed between a Hard Knocks/Lazerhawks Sleipnir fleet and an E-Uni Ferox fleet with assistance from a WAFFLES Sacrilege fleet.

Dragons of Yggdrassil reportedly reset by Legacy after allowing Dreadbomb. to anchor structures in their space while Dreadbomb. has been hostile to Legacy.

*Lord of the Rings reference

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  • Gergoran Moussou, TIS News

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