Capital Warfare After the Cyno Changes

Capital Warfare After the Cyno Changes
Midweek Update

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On this episode, a full panel of experienced guests join the regular crew of Artimus, Ron, and Silver to discuss the Cyno Changes and how they have affected capital warfare across the New Eden cluster. Later, we take another dive into the latest developments of the ongoing Southern War. Guests

  • Adramelech Indra (Horde Vanguard. [Pandemic Horde])
  • Dawn Rhea (SUNDERING [Goonswarm Federation])
  • Johnny Trousersnake (Horde Vanguard. [Pandemic Horde])
  • Jon Hun (The Suicide Kings [Test Alliance Please Ignore])

TIS Crew

  • Artimus Albosa (NOIR.)
  • RonUSMC (Dreddit [Test Alliance Please Ignore])
  • Silver Suspiria (Mecha Enterprises Fleet [Federation Uprising])

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