Keepstar Anchoring
by David Matterall in

November 20, 2020

TEST Alliance Please Ignore anchored a Keepstar in T5Z on the gate grid facing 1DQ. This Keepstar will be the second in Delve for PAPI, and the first in sov held Delve. The Imperium has not yet revealed if they will oppose the onlining, starting in a few hours. Mittani’s chant, “TEST is Next,” referring to TEST being targeted as the next hell war effort was answered with PAPI propaganda “TEST is NEXT… Door.”

PanFam stealth bomber fleets killed a Hel caught ratting in the Imperium’s “Helms Deep” staging of E3OI. This raid was feasible because bombers use covert cynos to pass system jammers.

Phoenix Naval Systems (PNS) and Electus Matari destroyed Golems working a World Ark site in Pochven. The ambushers killed most of the Golems on the spot, but some managed to warp to a safe spot. Thanks to pre-scouting by Na’av from PNS, the safe spot was known and bookmarked. The ambushers pursued and destroyed the remaining Golems at the safe spot.

Polish wormhole corporation Bean-shidh destroyed an abandoned POS in J140741, a C1 side door, which included an old Rorqual holding 42 billion ISK in blueprints and equipment. Bean-shidh assailed the capital industrial ship, which dropped 17 billion in loot after exploding.

Japanese language localization will begin on December 8th. You will read and write Japanese in chat if desired. Caladrius is a Japanese alliance, and at least one corp in the Korean alliance, Siege Green, is Japanese. More localizations to come.

Faction War
Amarr lost Labapi and Ebolfer to Minmatar
Caldari lost Ladistier and Hirri to Gallente

Alliance Tournament
The EVE NT Alliance Open continues this weekend at 15:00. There have been quite a few upsets and some close matches, including a lone Brave Collective Griffin fighting off an Etana. If you see the AT live, you can vote on the matches’ outcome and win some SKINs. The best-of-5 Grand Finals will be Sunday, just after the TIS Weekend show.

Abyssal proving grounds start now and will continue through the 24th— the matches consist of 2v2 Tactical Destroyers. CCP recently revised this feature to curb cheating. If you want to participate, have your Proving Filaments ready, either from Abyssal Deadspace loot drops or from the in-game market.

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