November 2017

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Thanksgiving – Game Designer CCP Nagaul

Moon Mining update December Update – Jump Fuel Changes, Alpha Skill limits and skill Injectors; Apothne on Alliance Tournament Value Chinese coming to Tranquility Server Speakers: CCP Nagaul (EVE Online Game Designer) Roedyn (EVE Station…

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Production and Destruction

Opner Dresden (leader The Explicit Alliance, DRF) Les Routiers (Capstable podcast, French version) Carneros (The Bastion, political leader, former CCP) Matterall (DICE corp, NC., Host) Caleb Aryania (SCC Lounge, EVE Mogul) NoizyGamer (The Nosy Gamer…

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CCP shelves VR pursuits (CCP Falcon)

CCP Falcon (CCP Community Manager) Matterall (DICE corp, NC., Host) Dirk MacGirk (Sniggerdly Corp, PL, Open Comms Show Host) NoizyGamer (The Nosy Gamer blog) Seamus Donohue (EVE University) Apothne (Tournament Commentator, Writer) — Community Team…