September 2017

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The Agency

Apothne Ashterothi Caleb Ayrania Seamus Donahue Tiberius Stargazer Matterall Yukiko Kami (CSM) — The Agency Project Discovery Ship Balance Encore (Ahsterothi on PVE) Imperium.News senior staffer Matterall, sits down with fellow EVE Online players to…

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Imperium’s Revenge, the Plot that Killed Circle-of-Two

Aryth (CSM, Goonswarm) Arrendis (INN editor, Goonswarm) Niden (CZ editor, Snuff) Caleb Ayrania (EVE-Guardian, editor) Dirk MacGirk (Open Comms show, PL) Dunk Dinkle (EVE TV host, Brave Newbies) Tiberius Stargazer (EVE_NT editor, NC.) Matterall (TIS…

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Gigx and TheJudge – Destruction of CO2 (Live)

Recorded live on IMperium.News twitch. 9/12/17 VOD is here – https://www.twitch.tv/videos/174164252 List of speakers: *Matterall – NC (host) *Dirk MacGirk – PL (host) TheJudge – former C02 / turncoat / CSM Member GigX – C02…

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CSM Summit

Apple Pear (Imperium FC) Caleb Aryania (SCC Lounge, EVE Mogul) Carneros (Bastion Leader, Game Producer) Dirk MacGirk (Open Comms Show, PL) Jeronica (PL, EVE Mogul) Jin’taan (CSM, Provi FC) Matterall (Host) Noobman (CSM, Wormholes, HardKnocks)…

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Lifeblood Expansion and PVE

Topics: Lifeblood Expansion PVE choices in EVE Alliance Tournament Review Speakers: Apothne (Sniggerdly, PL, AT Host/Commentator, CZ Writer) NoizyGamer The Nosy Gamer blog Wilhelm Arcturus – The Ancient Gaming Noob blog Seamus Donahue – EVE…