December 2017

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Holiday Party

TIS team, guests and patrons. Imperium.News senior staffer Matterall, sits down with fellow EVE Online players to discuss news, politics, and personalities from the long-lived MMO game. Recorded live on https://www.twitch.tv/imperiumnews Saturday‚Äôs at 15:00 UTC…

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The 2017 Most Influential Awards

Player of the Year – Aryth Corporation of the Year – Almost Dangerous (of Stranger Danger. Alliance) Alliance of the Year – Initiative. and Triumvirate. —- Aryth – Goonswarm Finance Cabal, CSM Sister Bliss –…

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Mercenary Coalition

Seleene – Mercenary Coalition Leader, CSM, former CCP Dev Tholarim – FC, Project Manhattan Corp, Former ATUK/DICE Leader Suas – Black Omega Security Corp Danielle en Divalone – MC Diplomat Carneros – The Bastion Leader,…

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Diplomacy Marshall Battleship Looted Null Sec News Chinese influx of players Artimus Albosa – Mercenary Coalition, Co-host Declarations of War podcast Jurius Doctor – Iron Armada, EVE Writer Killah Bee – Northern Coalition, Fleet Commander…