October 2017

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LifeBlood Expansion

Carneros (TiS Host, The Bastion) Killah Bee (Pandemic Legion) Sister Bliss (The Initiative.) Dunk Dinkle (Brave Newbies) Caleb Aryania (SCC Lounge) Seamus Donohue (EVE University) — Expansion – 1st week Players News Imperium.News senior staffer…

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Logistics and Economics – New Realities

Tuzy, Jeronica, NoizyGamer — Tuzy (GSOL Director – Logistics wing of Goonswarm) Jeronica (PL, EVE Mogul) NoizyGamer (The Nosy Gamer blog, Low-Sec miner) Carneros (The Bastion, political leader, former CCP) Matterall (Host) — Moon Mining…

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Drone Region Federation: MTO2-2 Battle

Manfred Sideous (H A V O C, Hooligans., DRF Bloc FC ) Fafer (Tr0pa de elite., Ghost Legion, DRF Defense Minister) Opner Dresden – (XPLCT Exec, DCU/DRF Cap FC) Forseti (DIVE Exec, DCU/DRF FC) Vyxin…

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EVE Vegas: Continuum of War

Eve Vegas Presentation: Continuum of War – the last 5 years of null-sec wars through the eyes of line member, Apaolo Miros. Presented by Matterall (C7 wormhole expert) Intro Voices: CCP Mimic, Alekseyev Karrde (Declarations…

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EVE Vegas Keynote

Guest Host: Apothne (Pandemic Legion, Aideron Robotics, AT Commentator, CZ writer) Ashterothi (Aideron Robotics, writer) Jin’taan (Provi Bloc FC, CSM) Apple Pear (Goonswarm Federation, FC) Caleb Aryania (SCC Lounge, EVE Mogul) Carneros (CEO of The…

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History: Continuum of War

Elise Randolph Carneros Apothne Seamus Donahue (Host) Matterall — Topics: War Never Ends Battle of Asakai Fountain War B-R5RB Player News of the Week Imperium.News senior staffer Matterall, sits down with fellow EVE Online players…