July 2017

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Redistribution of Moons (CCP Nagual)

Moon Mining update, preview Moon redistribution Speakers: CCP Nagual Senior Game Designer (Five 0) Aryth Goonswarm Kenneth Feld Pandemic Legion Matterall Northern Coalition, DICE, Creative Director INN Imperium.News senior staffer Matterall, sits down with fellow…

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Geminate, Querious, and W-Space Keepstar Kill

The Initiative Most Expensive Kill Ever – Keepstar Game Changes End of Walking In Stations? Speakers: Matterall Northern Coalition, DICE, Creative Director INN Dirk MacGirk Pandemic Legion, Snigg, Open Comms Show, writer Carneros The Bastion…

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Tech 3 Cruisers

Tech 3 Cruisers History of Cruisers Changes and Doctrine Speakers: Asher Elias 23rd best FC in the Imperium and host of The Asher Hour podcast Elise Randolph Pandemic Legion, Fleet Commander, Political Leader Seamus Donahue…

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Economic Vision and Wealth Building

Net Worth Path to Fortunes Big Finance Prospecting Plex Prospecting Moon Mining Speakers: Aryth Goonswarm Finance and Empire Theorycrafter Kenneth Feld Pandemic Legion, Financier Probag Bear Financier Carneros CEO of The Bastion, political leader, former…