CSM13 Candidate

CSM13 Sort Dragon

Character Created: 2007/08/23 Corp/Alliance: Resilience./DARKNESS. Country: Australia Reddit: Sorticus Twitter: @Sort_Dragon Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link https://sites.google.com/site/csmwire/csm-13-election/sort-dragon

CSM13 Mawderator

Character Created: 2012/03/02 Corp/Alliance: Birdsquad/Snuffed Out Country: United States Twitter: @Mawderator Website: In Mawderation Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link

CSM13 Solar Taranogas

Character Created: 2011/07/24 Corp/Alliance: Korrupted Gaming/The Watchmen. Country: Canada Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link

CSM13 Damian Blackie

Character Created: 2017/05/07 Corp/Alliance: Back To Black Division/Fraternity. Country: United Kingdom Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link

CSM13 Afropty

Character Created: 2008/08/05 Corp/Alliance: Kenshin./DARKNESS. Country: Chile Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link

CSM13 Malakai Asamov

Character Created: 2009/08/21 Corp/Alliance: Van Diemen’s Demise/Northern Coalition. Country: Australia Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link Candidate Self Description https://sites.google.com/site/csmwire/csm-13-election/malakai-asamov

CSM13 Cwittofur Cesaille

Character Created: 2011/11/06 Corp/Alliance: The Hivemindholding/Not imbalance yet Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link

CSM13 Brisc Rubal

Character Created: 2006/07/09 Corp/Alliance: STK Scientific/The Initiative. Country: United States Website: http://www.briscforcsm.win/ Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link

CSM13 Kalen Tsero

Character Created: 2013/05/10 Corp/Alliance: WeebFleet/Tsundere Triad Country: United States Reddit: Kalen_Tsero Twitter: @kalen_tsero Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link

CSM13 Xenuria

Character Created: 2010/05/27 Corp/Alliance: KarmaFleet/Goonswarm Federation Country: United States Twitter: @Xenuria Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link Candidate Self Description Save a spot on your ballot for me. I demonstrated my commitment and values during my previous…

CSM13 Creecher Virpio

Character Created: 2013/08/30 Corp/Alliance: Alcoholocaust./Test Alliance Please Ignore Country: United States Twitter: @CreecherVirpio Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link Candidate Self Description No entry supplied. Campaign Post Hello, I am Creecher Virpio, welcome to my CSM Campaign. The Who: I’ve spent nearly my…

CSM13 Cacique Yuhasz

Cacique Yuhasz Character Created: 2007/11/05 Corp/Alliance: Spartan Vanguard/Test Alliance Please Ignore Country: Cuba Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link   (English is not Cacique’s primary language, Spanish is.) Yes I know what you want to say I know in the same…

CSM13 Commander Aze

Character Created: 2006/12/04 Corp/Alliance: Sub–Zero/The Bastion Country: United States Twitter: @CommanderAze Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link Candidate Self Description Three Goals. 1. Focus on the little things 2. Consider the Health of the game when pushing priorities 3. Increase Communication between…

CSM13 Jaha Preynar

Character Created: 2016/07/27 Corp/Alliance: EVE University/Ivy League Country: Canada Twitter: @jaha_preynar Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link

CSM13 Jin’taan

Character Created: 2007/09/22 Corp/Alliance: Dreddit/Test Alliance Please Ignore Country: United Kingdom Podcast: Declarations of War Reddit: Jintaan Twitter: @JintaanEVE YouTube: Jin’taan Eve Who: Link zKillboard: Link

CSM13 Silver Suspiria

Character Created: 2014/02/07 Corp/Alliance: Mecha Enterprises Fleet/Federation Uprising Country: United States Twitter: @Silver_Suspiria Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link

CSM13 Raphendyr Nardieu

Character Created: 2013/05/18 Corp/Alliance: Unpublished Chapter/Suddenly Content Country: Finland Twitter: @raphgendyrEVE Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link