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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
CSM13 Killah Bee, Lady Scarlet, Commander Aze on CSM

The election results are in for CSM13. The council of stellar management, CSM for short, has concluded with a live-streamed broadcast of the winners. Voting tallies were released a day later.

This is the 13th time in 10 years that players of EVE online have elected a select group of representatives to be their voice at the table with CCP, the makers of EVE online, plan new features for the game.

Thirty thousand votes were cast for 48 candidates. Ten of those candidates become full CSM members. Seven of the 10 were incumbent CSM members. Of the three new arrivals, all were from null-sec.

Large null-sec alliances now have eight of the ten seats on CSM, half of those were from a single alliance – Goonswarm. Goonswarm is by far the largest Alliance in EVE when measured by players count. They have over 30,000 characters. That is more than second and third place combined, Pandemic Horde, TEST alliance, respectively.

Of the ten CSM, all but one consider themselves active player versus player combatants. Absent from CSM were players that specialized in specific playstyles – faction war, wormholes, exploration, small-scale production, mining, small corporations, solo or casual playing.

The worry for some players is that representation is not balanced, those with specific playstyles will either take a back seat or be satisfied with proxy representation from null-sec delegates.

On this episode of CONVERSTATIONS, we’ll talk to winners and losers of CSM. First, we’ll hear from Commander Aze who has unsuccessfully campaigned for a seat at the table for five years. We’ll also hear from New CSM Member Killah Bee, along with Lady Scarlet, a veteran EVE diplomat that put Killah Bee at the top of several alliance ballots.

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